There Could Be ‘No More Trump’ In 2020 If Current Trade War Causes Another Recession In US

In the first three years of US President Donald Trump in the office, he has made various of shocking new policies and regulations, some of which were met with heavy criticisms. Nevertheless, the MAGA train leader is determined to continue rolling his platform for change in the political and economic arena of the United States, thus it is not surprising to hear him calling for support as early as now for his reelection bid in the 2020 elections.

However, there is growing uncertainty whether Trump’s campaign in 2020 presidential polls will be another success, due to his recent questionable moves in handling the economy. For one, his recent trade war against China is seen as a risky game to play, especially at this point in time where the United States has everything to lose. Trump claims that the trade war will help the US stock soar to new heights, and his supporters believe that he will achieve this feat. Many economists, on the other hand, have raised their eyebrows on this trade war, suspecting that this could fail and eventually bring upon another great recession. When this happens, Trump may not be able to seal his victory next year.

A Failed Trade War May Lead To A New Recession, Dooming Trump’s Reelection Dreams

Many Americans can attest to how crippling the recent recessions in the United States had been. If Trump’s plans for the economy do not work out and eventually lead to a recession, this will be a reason for millions of voters to not trust him again in the next year’s presidential elections. While experts have not come into a agreement about the possibility of a recession in 2020, statistics show that the odds are indeed on the rise. For one, Bank of America has the probability of a recession next year to be greater than 30 percent, while Goldman Sachs noted that there is an increasing recession risk with Trump’s trade war.

Aside from a looming recession, there are a number of reasons why Trump could lose in the 2020 polls. The controversy of his tight and alleged inhumane immigration policies, as well as the previous federal US government shutdowns during his term, are likely to affect the public’s judgement on his performance and integrity as a leader.

Presently, there are a bunch of great deals offered at the Amazon Great Indian Sale, but when a great recession kicks in, many people may not be able to enjoy such deals with a crippled market. Thus, political analysts and economists are hoping that President Trump is aware of what he is doing for the country, for every wrong move and decision would mean a great deal of hardship in the everyday life of an ordinary American citizen.


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