The Worst Economic Crisis in Lebanon

People Trade Children’s Toys for Food

In Lebanon, the coronavirus has exacerbated the worst economic crisis since 1990.

What is currently happening in Lebanon is much more than a socio-economic crisis: a real humanitarian crisis has Street, Beggar, Woman, Homeless, Poverty, Poor, Peopledeveloped. It has now become difficult for more than half of the population to get food. We see people rummaging in trash cans for food. Groups have formed on Facebook where people exchange clothes for diapers for their babies, others exchange their furniture and their children’s toys for a little money for food. Even the playtime of children is also affected because of the lockdown. The situation is really bad: we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who are affected.

Lockdown, record inflation, and a chronic health crisis have made staple foods unaffordable for families. Every day people experience firsthand how their lives reach a new low. Food prices have been rising since last October, and milk and rice prices have tripled recently. In just a few months, the value of the Lebanese pound has dropped by more than 80 percent.

“All of us hardly have any kind of food left”

Suzanne, a 42-year-old seamstress from Tripoli, recently told me: “I was always poor. But in the past three years, my situation has deteriorated extremely. My husband can no longer work because of the lockdown. We barely have enough to eat. Instead of a kilo of rice, I buy half. I buy potatoes instead of three kilos and a half. But I’m lucky. I don’t have to pay rent. Those who have to pay rent to starve. “

now supports women like Suzanne with food and hygiene items. In the long term, we plan to support affected families through income-generating programs. The international community, together with the Lebanese government, must respond immediately to ensure the survival of the poorest families in these extraordinary times. However, the time to act is today – not tomorrow.

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