Have you ever wished that our lives would be like this, or that we should be like that? “Politics” is the function of maintaining social order and maintaining a safe life while fulfilling our wishes and hopes. Currently, national and local politics is centered around voters’ elected members. A member of the Diet is a representative who reflects our opinion, and it is the “election” that decides the representative.

Politics based on the will of our people is called “democratic politics”, and in order to realize it, we need a mechanism to participate in politics. The most important way to participate in politics is “election”. Elections are the basis of democracy, and by participating in elections, our opinions are reflected in politics for the first time.


There used to be times and nations where powerful people such as the king had great power and had a tyrannical politics that ignored the will of the people. However, in time, thinkers and the people insisted that “some powers should not trample on the rights that people have by nature!” And gradually expanded their powers to win the rights of the people.

The power to ultimately determine the politics of our country lies in our own hands, not in some rulers or a few privileged classes. Our people decide what our country should be. This is democracy, or democracy.

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“By the people” is the origin of democracy!

This famous word quoted when describing democracy is that of Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Of these, if it is limited to “politics for the people”, a tyranny would be possible. But the point “by the people” is only for democracy. Protecting this is the most important thing for democracy. Our politics for us, by ourselves. All elections must be done correctly in order to continue to protect it.

Right to vote and eligibility for election

The right to participate in politics is called “suffrage.” The core of suffrage is the right to elect everyone’s representatives in elections, and the right to participate in elections and become representatives of everyone. In order to have the right to vote or eligibility for eligibility, there are some conditions that must be met and some that must not be met.

Right to vote

In order to have the right to vote, there are conditions that must be met (positive requirements) and conditions that, if even one is true, the right to lose the right to vote (negative conditions).

When you get to the polling place first

On the day of the election, there are some things that the first person to vote in the morning must do. It confirms that there is nothing in the ballot box. It would be strange if the ballot was already included in the first vote in the morning. That’s why you ask the person who votes first in the morning to confirm it, and then the vote starts.

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