Security Cameras Mounted Outside The Briefing Room Of The White House


The media fell underneath the gaze of security cameras that can monitor a good distance to the front yard exactly where reporters make phone calls, exchange chat, smoke, and gather for occasions.

Security cameras are a no-brainer intended for very susceptible public places. The White House media and journalists’ designated areas have no security cameras. The arrival of the set of the huge black security camera (read about comparison of outdoor cameras) has drawn interest among the many media men and women who gathered in the White House.

“The Big Brother is looking,” says photographer Tom Brunner in one of his tweets, who regularly reports about the White House for the New York Times. These cameras are installed on a rod close to the side door briefing room in the White House.

The security camera is meant to protect the White House but still, the White House security is lax and so trusting. Reporters and political journalists don’t have to remove their sneakers or other devices whenever they move through a detector installed by the gates. Once President Trump decides to review concerns, only a chain at knee-high sets apart the President and the people of the press.

It’s unclear, however, the installation of these security cameras happened one week following the incident when Epoch Times photographer broke the standard by giving Trump an envelope right after the Congressional Honor of Reverance at the East wing.

Prior to that celebration, reporters collected on the Palm Room doors area of the White House. That area is now being monitored with the use of a security camera recently installed.

The president of the White House Journalists Association, Olivier Knox, said that these cameras are not dedicated to observing journalists. The Secret Service also rejected to say if the cameras had been installed to handle issues about journalist misconduct and will not give info on when the installation had been scheduled.

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