President Donald Trump Had Been Prank On Air Force One

Comedian, John Melendez can’t believe he pranked the President. Whether he used prank call apps or an ordinary telephone to penetrate through the White House, we don’t really know.

President Donald Trump had been a victim of a prank call by Comedian John Melendez. Comedian John Melendez explained he called the WhiteHouse and introduced himself as the assistant of Sen. Robert Mendez and requested to be connected to the President.

Melendez said that when the president returned to Washington D.C. from the North Dakota rally, he called him back while he was on board the Air Force One. Telephone recording seems to support the comedian’s statement.

The conversation between the President and Melendez focused on border security and the real immigration bill. Melendez then turned to the vacancy in Supreme Court following the resignation of Judge Anthony Kennedy. The President responded to the comedian’s questions about Trump’s decision for the High Court, He said he would “probably” make a decision within the next 12-14 days.

The prank phone call came to the conclusion with Trump offering to talk about his nominee to Melendez posing as Sen. Menendez.

Sen. Menendez Response to the Prank Call

The White House didn’t quickly react to various requests for feedback.

Sen. Menendez, a democrat from New Jersey responded in a statement: “As somebody who has invested my whole profession aiming to persuade Republicans to participate in changing our country’s dented immigration system, I encourage any kind of chance to have a true dialogue with the President regarding ways to keep the American values which have led our family-based immigration policy in the past century. Separating children from their families is not a part of our proud heritage,” he added.

The prank call resulted in concerns throughout the security team of the White House. It had also been reported the security team is scrambling to find out how the prank call went through.

The prank call was indeed successful but also raised awareness on the lax security system that the White House presently have. Nonetheless, successful or not, we have seen some light into a few of the present issues our country is facing at the moment.

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