Oil – Why Is It A Political Weapon?

There are plenty of engine oil options since engine oil plays a very crucial part in keeping engines in great running condition. Similar to engine oil, crude oil has a substantial role in keeping national and international economies in excellent condition. For this reason, oil has become political.

Politics and oil constantly go together and seem to show no sign of separating in view of the fact that oil has became a crucial and key commodity or article of trade. Without oil, the world today, as we are very familiar with it, wouldn’t function. Because of this, oil-producing countries have figured out how to make use of it as a political weapon.

Throughout the century that have gone, modern society and the political sphere have developed an almost unappeasable hunger for oil, and after spending so many years of being in pursuit of abundant sources of oil as well as experimenting on possible alternatives, still there is no reliable substitute for it.

Why Is Oil Regarded As A Political Weapon?

What makes it extremely precious that many individuals, corporations as well as sovereign states and nations would in fact be prepared to wage war (if needed) so as to protect it or gain ownership of it?


Oil, being a principal component in the process of standing for and upholding political reign and dominance, is power. Oil is necessary in cultivating food, erecting and improving infrastructures, bettering technology, as well as manufacturing good and transporting them to markets. It runs  the system of politics in both national and global levels, and those who unfailingly hold the largest production of oil with the best rate often dominates.


Oil has a substantial and key role in almost all aspect of human society, from technology, transportation to every basic necessity needed for our continued existence.


Although there might be a number of different available alternatives or substitutes to energy supplies for several industrial tasks like the generation of electrical power, presently there is no replacement for oil that is quite reliable and reasonable in terms of transportation.


Based on scientific assessments and computations, oil is fuel that is increasingly depleting and vanishing at a very shocking rate. Although there is an indefinite quantity of abounding, untapped and unexploited oil reserves left and yet to be found across the globe, sensible arguments will carry on concerning how swiftly the globe’s supply of oil might come to an end.

Bottom line is that oil has for all time driven the economy of the world, even at present. As the pursuit for alternative sources of energy gains traction, a society without oil is still difficult to envision.

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