How much US Politicians make?

Politician’s salary is ranging from 0 to 6 figures in the US. Those who are serving at local levels are probably earning the minimum and those who are elected at state as well as federal level make the most. If you are planning to run for public office, you want to know how much your salary is going to be.

The answer will largely depend on the job you are going to take. Elected positions on town council might come with smaller figures but most likely, be unpaid volunteer jobs. Majority of the county-level positions on the other hand come with pay in which is enough to earn a living. What you truly want to be in are the state and the federal level positions for this is where a politician’s salary starts.

Politician’s Salaries

So, the question now is, how much salary does a politician really makes in the US? If you are curious then better keep on reading.

US President

The US president earns 400,000 per year for their service as the commander-in-chief of the nation. Congress gave the president a raise 5x more since the presidency of George Washington that took office in 1789.

The VP on the other hand gets around 231,900 dollars.

Members of the Congress

Members of US Senate and House of Representatives are earning a base salary of $174,000 annually.

There are some who think that is way too much, given the few days debating legislation there are each year and some people think that it is too small of an amount to work outside the Senate and House floors they do.


Governors’ salary range from 70,000 to 190,000 dollars for their service as the state’s top executive. This figure is based from the Book of the States that was published by The Council of State Government and has been shared with media.

Lowest paid governor is in the state of Maine, with a base salary of 70,000 dollars. Second-lowest in the list is in Colorado that earns 90,000 dollars with the highest paid governor is in Pennsylvania that receives over 190,000 dollars. After all, the job of governors are crucial for they ensure that the economy of their community is thriving and that local businesses such as tanque polipropileno and others are surviving.

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