Does Your Scent-Sense Match Your Conservative or Liberal Views?

Back in 2016, a scent subscription site created scent profiles of US states, based on their known political leanings. The profiling used around 400,000 orders for fragrances, and the data presented by the New York Times Upshot Forecast, which indicated the left-leaning (Democrats) and the right-leaning (Republicans) US states.

Surprisingly, the results showed that the American states in which there are more supporters for the Democratic Party, consistently showed that the majority preferred clean, crisp, and somewhat expensive preppy scents. The bigger surprise was the revelation that regions in which Republicans had the most support, have a great liking for predominantly patchouli scents, particularly those mixed with florals. Patchouli is hardly the smell that conservative supporters could be identified with. After all, the intoxicating essence gained popularity (notoriety) during the 60s as part of hippie culture.

The bigger surprise of all is that the patchouli loving Republicans succeeded in seating Donald Trump in the Oval Office as the 45th president of the United States. Well, the results of the fragrance profiling and their implications only proved that scent preferences, had little influence on the choices made by the electorate.

Patchouli Smell Characteristics

Despite its link to a decadent past, many perfume makers still produce patchouli-based essences. Some examples of top brands with fast selling patchouli fragrances include Thierry Mugler Angel, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Gucci by Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Patchouli.

During the 60s, synthetic patchouli oil was essential to hippies. The latter used the oil to mask the smell of marijuana, as well as the odor of a body that has not been washed or bathed for days. Near the end of the decadent era, a typical hippie protest march no longer attracted additional support. Those that passed by were immediately revulsed by the strong unpleasant smell of marijuana, drugs, body odor and synthetic patchouli oil.

Characteristically, patchouli, even in small extracts is capable of exuding intense musky, but sweet and woody scents. Used as base and fixative ingredient of modern formulations, a perfect blend with floral or citrus oils can produce scents described as earthy, velvety and sensual; albeit overpowering for those who prefer subtle fragrances.

In light of its rich, earthy fragrance, patchouli has less occurrence as ingredient of air fresheners, cleaners and deodorizers. Online scents stores like grain and gram offers fragrant candles, warmers, smell diffusers and similar household products with eucalyptus or natural essential oil formulations, as the resulting fragrance adds a crisp, fresh and organic smell to the air.

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