CBD Edible Products to Be Halt in Production

The state health authorities passed a bill removing any edible products that contain CBD or Cannabidiol. It’s for the reason that hemp derived products aren’t approved food additive on a federal level. But if you’re smoking electronic cigarettes with CBD e-liquid as the juice, this is nothing that you should be worried about.

Environmental health inspectors had started informing several businesses that they should immediately remove tinctures, capsules and any form of food products from its shelves containing non psychoactive chemical compound that’s found in marijuana. This is as per Maine Department of Health and Human Services or DHHS.

The ruling is threatening to overturn Maine’s active hemp industry. This is a potentially major negative event.

Farmers, retailers and even extraction labs that have invested millions of dollars at the time when industry for CBD is projected to have exponential growth are alarmed as the events start to unfold.

According to national industry analysts, they have estimated the US market to reach 591 million dollars. With the implementation of new federal legislation, the market is poised to hit 22 billion dollars by the year 2022.

Patient’s Do not Need to Be Worried about this Movement

CBD is constantly growing in popularity. In fact, it made its way to New York City gas stations and across hardware stores in Maine. Inspectors informed businesses that they are still able to sell CBD products that could be vaped similar to CBD e-liquid, smoked, applied as lotion or be worn as patch. Also, all patients who are relying on medical marijuana can still legally purchase oral CBDs straight from dispensaries or licensed caregivers.

DHHS on the other hand didn’t respond to request for information regarding new policies. Because of this, it is still uncertain how many business owners can keep selling CBD products or would receive a letter. So in response to public’s speculations, Deanna White, the Assistant Attorney General given The Press Herald with a memo she sent to the public state officials who’ve overseen cannabis, hemp and other health matters.

Further Review Needed

As a matter of fact, the passage of 2018 Farm Act has triggered the change in policy as per the memo. The legalization of hemp, which is the main source for CBD has sparked chain of inquiries within the DHHS. Most questions were on how it will affect the fast growing CBD industry of Maine.

Upon review, several state lawyers made a conclusion that CBD couldn’t be utilized for mass market foods, not until Maine received an approval from the federal government in relation to their experimental hemp program.

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