America’s Current Political Affairs

There is hardly any purpose, in playing with the blame – and – complain, match, yet, that is precisely what we see daily. Rather than having effective discussions, and civil discourse, those with differing perspectives, and political positions and perspectives, each side often, blames others, and proceeds, together with blinders, and hotels to often, being reluctant to, even, listen, to anyone with a differing opinion.

If you consider yourself a progressive, liberal, conservative, or moderate, or any other, so – called, label, most would agree, the degree of dysfunction, at the United States of America’s political system, seems to be, in an all – time high, at least.  Bearing that in mind, this guide will try to temporarily, consider, critique.


It’s often, challenging, to know, if particular people, in politics, really believe what they say, or if it’s merely, political rhetoric, however, regardless, there is always danger, if this route is pursued. Are these giants, delusional, or are their followers, or even? What harm might occur, they think, only, and when fact is ignored, their opinions and viewpoints? Delusion replaces solutions when Fake Facts replace details! For instance, is our President, delusional, lying, or self ?

Diverting the Issues

The governmental era of Donald Trump, will be assessed, in the long run, and historians may consider, why so a lot of men and women, seemed to be willing to accept the many diversions, instead of demand, better! Doesn’t it seem, often, when things seem to be other than President Trump’s manner he resorts to take our attention and/ or, concerning issues?

Twisting the Truth

When we are represented by people, who distort the problems, to serve their own personal/ political agenda, or self – attention, the public generally suffers. While each individual is unquestionably, entitled to his view, no one is entitled to their own set of details.

Wouldn’t it be simpler, and much better, for our citizens, in the event, we’d have our perceptions, priorities, and concerns, addressed, and replied, rather than, when questions were asked, our so – called agent, digressed, and changed the subject? Why not we elect people, willing to listen to all opinions, rather than, merely, their particular view?

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