Amazon Rainforest On Fire: Are Politicians Giving a Damn About it?

A lot of photos and videos went viral after the sudden news circulated the whole social media: the Amazon Rainforest is on fire! 


But there’s the only question that leaves everyone wondering— are the politicians making a damn about this?


With a heavy responsibility on top of their heads, it is definitely a joke if people from the government are not doing anything to save the Amazon forest: the lungs of the Earth. With that, let’s know more about how is the Brazil government taking actions to it. Let’s read more!

The Amazon Forest 


Listening to the local communities was key to the success of the Amazon Protected Areas Program (ARPA) since implementation began in 2002. It wasn’t easy, given that 30% of the 25 million people who live in the Amazon are in rural, isolated areas, without Internet access.


The Amazon Protected Areas Program (ARPA) will cover nearly 70 million hectares of rainforest. The success of ARPA has also spurred on the development of a new World Ban project focusing on expanding and better managing protected areas along Brazil’s coastline and marine habitats. This includes increasing the amount of marine territory under protection from less than 2% to 5%.


Now that the Amazon Rainforest is burning, the government is definitely worried about this, for this will not only affect thousands of animals but also the people living in the forest. But now what?

The Amazon Forest is Burning

Thousands of fires are burning in Brazil, many of them in the world’s biggest rainforest, which is sending clouds of smoke across the region and pumping alarming quantities of carbon into the world’s atmosphere. 


The UN secretary-general and many world leaders and celebrities have expressed concern. The Amazon will be high on the agenda for G7 leaders at a summit in France this weekend. They are likely to make a strong statement condemning the recent increase in deforestation and urge Brazil to restore the Amazon protections that previously made the country a global environmental leader.


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