5 Tips for Building Links for Political Campaigns



We are often asked how quickly a replacement campaign website will appear on the search engines. Sometimes this question is asked before the location is even built!

Link Building for Political CampaignsIf you’re worried about getting your campaign site indexed in the search engines, you’ll be able to relax. The key search engines don’t require submissions in the least. Your campaign websites are found and indexed through outside links to your site.

The next question then is a way to get do I get those outside links and the way many are needed. When it comes all the way down to it, one link is all the search engines must find any website or web content. How briskly they find that page depends on the standard of the pages linking back. If a link is buried deep on a site that itself isn’t very talked-about, then it would take it slow for the links to be discovered.

Aside from hiring link building service at outreach monks, here are easy ways to create links to urge search engines to index to your website:


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  1. Add analytics to your website. What will get your site spidered by Google quickly is creating a Google account and adding analytics to your website. Whether it ranks or not could be a different story, however. We recommend having a minimum of 5 pages of content on your site. Your site home page, issue pages, volunteer and donation pages are some that this includes.
  2. This doesn’t count your contact or terms of use or privacy pages. Create social media accounts. Creating social media accounts for your campaign and having them link back to your website may be a good way to urge some high-powered, relevant links. Not only does this help your website rank for relevant searches, but your Facebook and Twitter accounts will tend to rank moreover.
  3. Press Releases. Create a release announcing your campaign and submit it to free online promulgation websites, like PRLog.org and free-press-release.com
  4. Submit your site to OnlineCandidateLinks.com. For Online Candidate clients, our political candidate directory is free. It allows you to not only link your campaign website but also your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter. USAElections.com is another site that accepts candidate and election submissions.
  5. Share your website with your local media outlets. As election time nears, newspapers will often create local candidate bios. This material is sometimes online. The downside to the current technique is that there may only be a brief window of publication time.

When optimizing your website for search, these methods will help. Ideal and two should get your site indexed fairly quickly, possibly within days. Avoid links back from questionable websites or paid services.

Do not ‘go live’ or start building out links until your website – or a minimum of your site homepage – is prepared for visitors. If your site is indexed too early, you will find that your search engine listing may not be excellent. You’ll find that your search engine listing shows a short-lived title with an ‘under construction’ description. This may remain in situ until your site is crawled again. For brand new sites, sometimes which will take weeks.

New links to your site cause search engines spiders to return to your site previous they may otherwise.


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