Many organizations respond little or not at all to online reviews. For example, because they do not consider it important enough is a serious mistake. The right management of your online political reviews can have a major impact on your potential clients.

Why your response to political reviews is so important

Surveys show that almost 90 percent of Internet users read reviews. Authentic experiences of real users can be a great help in decision-making. Because so many prospects read reviews, it’s important to respond to your reviews. Interested parties not only read the experiences of other customers but also pay attention to how you react to the reviews.

Unfortunately, many political organizations and companies have not yet recognized the potential of reviews and hardly care about their rating profiles. Good review management can help you win new customers. In addition, the visibility of your website in search engines will be increased in the process, for example, if you take particular care of your Google ratings.

On the other hand, buy google reviews, It can help you reach potential clients.

Why you should respond to all customer reviews

The more reviews you answer, the higher you will rank on Google. Also, don’t forget that Google sends the reviewer a quick message when you reply to their review. So a good opportunity to get in touch with your customers and deepen the relationship with them.

If you always reply to every review, you show your prospects that you are open to a constructive exchange. This will make a positive first impression on your prospects and strengthen your image and brand.

How to reply to different reviews

Positive reviews

Don’t forget to say thank you because this may bring you new customers. After all, your customer took the time to write this and you benefit from it. So he really deserves a little thank you.

Negative reviews

No matter how good you are, negative reviews are part of everyday business. It is impossible to satisfy every customer. Therefore, in the first step, try not to take the review personally. Say thank you and apologize for the negative customer experience, even if you’re reluctant to do so. Negative criticism gives you the chance to improve your services.

Neutral reviews

You should go into these political reviews in great detail. On the one hand, you must thank them for the positive criticism.  On the other hand, offer an uncomplicated solution to the problem mentioned. Here, too, you should refer to a non-public channel such as an email address or a telephone number to find a solution.

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Nike Shoe


So now Colin Kaepernick is cool too. Whoever is chosen by the American sporting goods manufacturer Nike as the first advertising ambassador can be nothing else. In questions of coolness, Nike has developed a certain power of definition in recent decades aside from their effective pricing strategy for shoes. The group’s popular slogan “Just do it” has also found a large, especially young following due to its elasticity and width. Be spontaneous! Just do it! Whatever!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of “Just do it”, Nike has now chosen the unemployed football professional Kaepernick, the political symbol of US sports, as the face of its new campaign. And despite this explicitly political choice, the message that has now been put into Kaepernick’s mouth is also of a certain arbitrariness: “Believe in something. Even if that means you sacrifice everything,” the 30-year-old tweeted the advertising slogan.

On the other hand, the timing of this decision is anything but arbitrary and the election is of great political explosive power. On Thursday, the National Football League (NFL) starts the season with the duel of Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles against Atlanta Falcons. And the league is more divided than ever in the face of political protests against racism and police brutality, which began in the NFL with Kaepernick’s kneeling and raising a fist during the American anthem just over two years ago.

US President Donald Trump calls with unrelenting commitment for the exclusion of all protesters. The NFL has already criminalized political protest during the anthem. Kaepernick, on the other hand, who can no longer find a club as a quarterback and is suing the NFL and his clubs for illegal collusion, was confirmed last week by an arbitrator that there were signs of such an agreement. The responsible officials will soon be summoned.


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Of course, it’s about the image

Isn’t that a great commitment from Nike? Doesn’t a corporation that takes a stand against racism deserve the attention it notoriously craves? And don’t other initiatives of the company prove the sustainability of its social work? LeBron James, currently the best basketball player on the planet, has just been brought to Berlin as part of a promotional tour that supports social projects. One who has become a role model for many because of his commitment to equal opportunities and against Trump’s policies.

It would be naïve to ignore the fact that Nike would not focus on an image boost in its recently surprisingly politically accentuated campaigns, which should pay off monetarily. Earning from the good deed can be pilloried as a calculating instrumentalization. Conversely, you can also use this instrument used by Nike to check the company’s attitude for consistency.

Some questions arise. Why, for example, did Nike extend its outfitter contract with the NFL until March 2028? To what extent did the Kaepernick case play any role in the negotiations at the time? As a financier of the NFL, have you registered certain wishes, formulated conditions, and discussed possible exit scenarios?

In the summer, shortly before the World Cup in Russia, the sporting goods manufacturer announced that the Iranian football team could not be equipped for the tournament due to US sanctions against Iran. At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, however, the World Cup participant had been equipped with the same situation. How the company wants to develop its own clear stance on trade with questionable regimes, one could ask.

In view of the promotional tour with LeBron James for the socially disadvantaged, Nike could also ask when and how they want to treat their workers in Indonesia more fairly. And it would certainly be interesting to know what the company wants to do about the fact that management positions are predominantly occupied by men. Just do it!

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