A 2018 study from the University of Missouri revealed that even if Instagram attained phenomenal growth, users are not so keen in viewing political content According to the study, the main reasons why social media audience follow Instagram posts, stories and streamed videos is to discover entertainment and meaningful social information they can adopt as improvement/s or enhancement/s . Additionally, the study also gave recommendations on ways Instagram users can engage their audiences or followers to improve the drawing power of news particularly in relation to political content.

The university findings revealed that most users of Instagram prefer feature images over news images, when scanning news feeds. Researchers give advice to new outlets that use Instagram to promote their website is to combine images with aesthetic visuals to their news stories in order to elicit audience interactions. According to one of the authors of the study, Keith Greenwood, the respondents liked photos that are friendly to the eye, clean, simple, and at the same time symbolic of a particular social topic .

T.J. Thomson, a doctoral candidate in the university’s School of Journalism cited various reasons why Instagram users avoid controversial and political content when choosing news feeds. Some respondents to their survey said that they use other websites when viewing news online, while some feel bad when viewing tragic posts because Instagram for them is a safe space where they can escape the problems of everyday life.

Still, Instagram as a visual-centric platform has evolved into becoming a useful source of income for creative influencers, as the platform became an excellent channel in which businesses can promote their brand of products or services. Over the past ten years since Instagram rolled out as a photo-sharing app, the active number of users grew considerably, which to date has reached more than one billion.

Significant Statistics Every Instagrammer Should Know to Increase Engagement

Knowing significant Instagram statistics will prove beneficial for users, particularly influencers and brand marketers as they strive to engage their audience and in devising content strategies.

Instagram has more users belonging to the younger age group, which according to Statista represents more than half of Instagram’s user population. The age group that has the largest percentage in all demographics are those between 18 to 24 years old.

Instagram audience come from various countries. The U.S. has the most number of Instagram accounts belonging to approximately 116 million people. India and Brazil rank as the second and third in the list of countries with highest population of users.

On a daily basis, 6 out of 10 social media users open their Instagram account; making Instagram the second most visited social media platform, next to its parent company Facebook.
Instagram users spend as much time on the site as they do on Facebook; usually averaging 53 minutes everyday.

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While we state it frequently, this 2020 election cycle actually has been among the very turbulent and hard lately. There is increased political interest from the federal level all the way down to local elections.

However, what exactly does this imply for mortgage prices?

We are going, to begin with, having a peek at the part of the Federal Reserve (“The Fed”) and its connection with the president to completely comprehend their effect on mortgage prices. If you want to learn more about the other aspects of mortgages, then make sure to check this guide out.

The Fed and The Mortgage Prices

The section of a loan that gets the most interest is your rate of interest. A mortgage fee is a way creditors can assume the possibility of financing the primary quantity.

Frequently, you will notice mortgage rates in connection to the Federal Reserve. When considering the ramifications of election mortgage prices, it is important to comprehend that the Fed does not set mortgage prices. Other significant variables such as inflation rates as well as the cost of US treasuries–that are in the news of late-night — will dictate that the home market’s interest levels nationwide.

Rather, within that fiscal policy, the Federal Reserve sets a goal for the federal funds rate. It utilizes several open market operations to direct market prices closer to this goal.

The Fed and The President

The Federal Reserve conducts the country’s monetary policy. It’s a substantial level of freedom in comparison to several other government bureaus.

Though the Fed does possess a fantastic level of liberty, it will not behave in a vacuum. All these seven members of this Board of Governors are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Their 14-year terms stagger like the next president is going to have the chance to appoint two new members throughout their sentence.

The Fed and The Election

Election years bring a certain level of uncertainty. The 2020 election is still now currently confronting this on exceptional levels. Additionally in an election with no incumbent, you may always expect much more doubt.

Changes in the marketplace change rates. Historically, the marketplace does have a tendency to react to uncertainty.

Bearing that in mind, let us look at what has happened with mortgage prices during the years.


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Historical Market Analysis

We’ll Begin with a more broad-strokes look in the marketplace as a whole, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as listed in the Stock Trader’s Almanac as 1833.

Normally, the DJIA increases 10.4percent in a long time before an election. Compare this year of presidential elections, even in which expansion slows to a mean of 6 percent. This reflects a much more reluctant mindset, primarily made from election doubt.

What about following an election? Normally, the very first season of a presidency indicates a 2.5% growth rate in the DJIA. In the next year, that climbs to 4.2 percent.

Just just how can that average market cycle interpret into mortgage prices?

Historical Mortgage Rate Investigation

Now let us look at the way the election has affected mortgage prices. We did the grinding and also did the math, and here is what we discovered.

For our purposes, we concentrated on 30-year fixed-rate averages, especially for the time immediately prior to and following an election. We looked at the writings of this Primary Mortgage Market Survey out of Freddie Mac as much back as they proceed, to 1971.

Can a Presidential Election Affect Mortgage Rates?

There is not enough of a shift, with historic data, to indicate that the presidential elections have a substantial effect on mortgage rates in either way. From the current election cycles, even whenever there’s an incumbent president seeking another term (2012, 2004, also 1996) that the mortgage rates haven’t swung up to now. Even though this is a similar scenario to that which we confront in 2020, the doubt we face out the home market could reverse this particular story.

In the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve confronted new record-low mortgage prices. The Fed has been trying to inject stimulation into the market and strategists expect the prices to remain consistent for now. Forecasting the market moving ahead has been hard, but the home market stays strong with Americans trying to benefit from the reduced prices.


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Which job provides the best advantages, the most renown, the highest job-gratification, the finest advantages, and the best pay? Yes, we know; it does seem very improbable to single out one solitary job out of all the possible competitors out there (doctors, attorneys, buildersetc), yet we have done it. After delivering the matter much earnest thought, and thoroughly examining all factors of various jobs available, we have certainly come to a resolution; the best career you could probably follow in Sri Lanka is that of… a politician.

1. You Don’t Require Any School Qualifications. At All.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a law graduate, O/L changed or if you lost out of school in 3rd grade, there is certainly no minimal demand at all. Everyone from the most eminent academic to the totally uneducated is welcome into the interesting cultureof statesmanship with wide arms, and no one is going to think bad of you at all! So if you are one of those individuals who are too tired to study, or believe that a sound knowledge is unsatisfactory, then politics is the right path for you. You will be able to enjoy life, have great house, and sleep a comfortable bed from Eva Mattresses despite being unschooled.

3. You Will Be On TV

Have you ever imagined yourself on TV, gesturing emphatically as you speak about the corruption of the world, the shocking condition of the nation, the amendments you want to make? Have you ever envisioned your face stuffing whole pages of the publication (particularly during election time), head bent artistically to a side, covering an interpretation of constant refinement or smiling confidence as you ensure to make the realm a better place?

5. You Get To Act Like A Five-Year-Old

Adulthood is a tiresome vocation. Sure, you get to own account, legitimately drive, and dress heels, but being an adult is just so dull. You must take charge for your actions, work with pride, honesty and behavior, and generate a set of interior rules and restraints that act as a brake on your more childish impulses.
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The dramatic events in the USA show in which direction Europe could develop in the future – but also where the differences lie, believe the Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev.

How Europe sees the 2020 U.S. presidential election

When it comes to US politics, most Europeans believe the difference between the United States and Europe is similar to that between European football and American football. Like American football, American democracy follows its own rules. The electoral system that allows the candidate to easily become president with fewer votes probably makes a lot of sense to Americans but not to everyone else. Despite all the differences, some lessons from the US presidential election are very relevant to Europe.

In the play “Jumpers”, which premiered in 1972, the British playwright Tom Stoppard wrote mischievously: “It is not voting that is a democracy, but counting.” This year’s presidential election in the USA proves him right.

At its core, democracy is a system in which the loser legitimizes the election result by accepting his defeat. US President Donald Trump’s attacks on the objectivity of elections not only damage the reputation of the US, they are also likely a forerunner of what awaits us in the future: an increase in contested elections – not just in the United States, but elsewhere as well.

Watch more political news from Youtube. You can save a video clip for later viewing through the Youtube video online downloader.

Democracy does not protect against division

In politically divided states, the supporters of one party see the greatest danger to democracy not in breaking established rules, but in the victory of the opposing party. And many are more willing to destroy the system themselves in order to prevent the other side from coming to power. In such an environment, impartial institutions such as courts, central banks, or the free media run the risk of being politically instrumentalized.

The US election also showed that the shock and losses from the Corona crisis have the potential to deepen existing rifts rather than lead to more national unity and collective goals – even in those most affected by the pandemic affected societies. An analysis by the Associated Press (AP) news agency found that in the 376 counties with the highest number of new infections per capita, an overwhelming 93 percent majority voted Trump.

Europeans should take what is happening in the US as a warning,  if lockdowns are extended and the economy shuts down, our societies may begin to resemble the explosive mess we are seeing in the United States. While democracy is often praised for its ingenious ability to bridge rifts in modern societies, the experience of the past four years in the US has shown that democratic politics can also cement and exacerbate divisions. The election revealed that Democrats and Republicans are not just two parties – they have become two different countries at war with each other. And this political war will not end in Trump’s defeat.


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