A lot of photos and videos went viral after the sudden news circulated the whole social media: the Amazon Rainforest is on fire! 


But there’s the only question that leaves everyone wondering— are the politicians making a damn about this?


With a heavy responsibility on top of their heads, it is definitely a joke if people from the government are not doing anything to save the Amazon forest: the lungs of the Earth. With that, let’s know more about how is the Brazil government taking actions to it. Let’s read more!

The Amazon Forest 


Listening to the local communities was key to the success of the Amazon Protected Areas Program (ARPA) since implementation began in 2002. It wasn’t easy, given that 30% of the 25 million people who live in the Amazon are in rural, isolated areas, without Internet access.


The Amazon Protected Areas Program (ARPA) will cover nearly 70 million hectares of rainforest. The success of ARPA has also spurred on the development of a new World Ban project focusing on expanding and better managing protected areas along Brazil’s coastline and marine habitats. This includes increasing the amount of marine territory under protection from less than 2% to 5%.


Now that the Amazon Rainforest is burning, the government is definitely worried about this, for this will not only affect thousands of animals but also the people living in the forest. But now what?

The Amazon Forest is Burning

Thousands of fires are burning in Brazil, many of them in the world’s biggest rainforest, which is sending clouds of smoke across the region and pumping alarming quantities of carbon into the world’s atmosphere. 


The UN secretary-general and many world leaders and celebrities have expressed concern. The Amazon will be high on the agenda for G7 leaders at a summit in France this weekend. They are likely to make a strong statement condemning the recent increase in deforestation and urge Brazil to restore the Amazon protections that previously made the country a global environmental leader.


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Political journalism is a branch of journalism including protection of elements of politics although the word refers to a coverage together with the authority of governments.

Political journalism plans to provide the information local or national things that can influence them to voters. In accord with Edward Morrissey at a remark article by theweek.com, political journalism frequently comprises opinion journalism, as current political events may possibly be biased in their policy. The information provided includes specifics, its opinion can be equally subjective and contrasts towards a perspective.

Brendan Nyhan and John Sides argue that “individuals who report politics tend to be unfamiliar with political science research or question its significance for their occupation”. Critics covering politics which aren’t familiar can enable the story.

Political journalism is supplied in even reporting, print, or broadcast. Digital media use has enhanced and it provides protection of politics, attempt, event news an accessible platform to the candidate. Media outlets have enhanced their use of this medium. Humor, online, and printed introduced as entertainment was used to provide updates on aspects of election updates, authorities status, and campaign info.

The info given may not be considered of “fake news” nevertheless the traces between real-time and entertainment advice may seem fuzzy or biased whilst providing political updates. This form of journalism spoke with information websites and is analyzed, pundits and editorialists. It might lack objectivity that will block the fact. The viewer’s capacity to make their opinion or beliefs may be taken by the policy of advice having a perspective. This form of coverage is subjective with a societal or political intent that’s possible.


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In the first three years of US President Donald Trump in the office, he has made various of shocking new policies and regulations, some of which were met with heavy criticisms. Nevertheless, the MAGA train leader is determined to continue rolling his platform for change in the political and economic arena of the United States, thus it is not surprising to hear him calling for support as early as now for his reelection bid in the 2020 elections.

However, there is growing uncertainty whether Trump’s campaign in 2020 presidential polls will be another success, due to his recent questionable moves in handling the economy. For one, his recent trade war against China is seen as a risky game to play, especially at this point in time where the United States has everything to lose. Trump claims that the trade war will help the US stock soar to new heights, and his supporters believe that he will achieve this feat. Many economists, on the other hand, have raised their eyebrows on this trade war, suspecting that this could fail and eventually bring upon another great recession. When this happens, Trump may not be able to seal his victory next year.

A Failed Trade War May Lead To A New Recession, Dooming Trump’s Reelection Dreams

Many Americans can attest to how crippling the recent recessions in the United States had been. If Trump’s plans for the economy do not work out and eventually lead to a recession, this will be a reason for millions of voters to not trust him again in the next year’s presidential elections. While experts have not come into a agreement about the possibility of a recession in 2020, statistics show that the odds are indeed on the rise. For one, Bank of America has the probability of a recession next year to be greater than 30 percent, while Goldman Sachs noted that there is an increasing recession risk with Trump’s trade war.

Aside from a looming recession, there are a number of reasons why Trump could lose in the 2020 polls. The controversy of his tight and alleged inhumane immigration policies, as well as the previous federal US government shutdowns during his term, are likely to affect the public’s judgement on his performance and integrity as a leader.

Presently, there are a bunch of great deals offered at the Amazon Great Indian Sale, but when a great recession kicks in, many people may not be able to enjoy such deals with a crippled market. Thus, political analysts and economists are hoping that President Trump is aware of what he is doing for the country, for every wrong move and decision would mean a great deal of hardship in the everyday life of an ordinary American citizen.


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