What Does a Politician House Look Like

Every time I see a politician, I immediately think of how grand his/her house is, especially politicians who are appearing on TV because they most likely have higher salary. I remember when it was three years ago when our family visited the house of my mother’s cousin, who is a politician with a high position. When we were approaching the gate, I already knew that the house is huge because the gate is is very high and from its look, it cost thousands of dollars.

When we were able to enter the house, it surprised me not because the house is very extravagant. I was surprised because it is simple yet elegant. The owners prefer minimalist design but somehow it looks very grand, then I noticed that it is actually the walls and ceilings that does the job of making the interior of the house look simple yet nice. We asked how did they come up with such color combination, details, etc. Then they said that it is actually the painters in calgary that they hire and did all the jobs related to painting. Also, the professional painters, through years of practice and experience, know a lot of  ideas and what color is best for certain houses. I really like how it looked which is why I even listed on my phone the name of the company.

The moment we entered the house, it is when I realize that not all politician’s house are not simple, there are those that prefer to not make their house look like a status symbol. In fact, the couple are very simple people, hence their house as reflection of their personality. Also, the owners believe that as long as they are happy and complete, it is fine.

Ever since that day, I always tell my mother that if the days comes when they want an instant house make-over, we will hire the painting company and tell them to do the same with our house. Another good thing about the company is that the price is very reasonable. Even the job of thinking what colors and design is all on theirs. Very worth it right?


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